Bathroom trips at night - A cause of secondary insomnia

toilet trips at night due to prostate hyperplasia

A restful night's sleep is something people tend to take for granted. There are various health problems that can cause sleep deprivation in the form of secondary insomnia, or insomnia caused indirectly by, often, treatable condititions. Nocturia caused by prostate hyperplasia is one of them and is a real issue for middle aged men, who have to make frequent bathroom trips at night.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia affects a majority of men in their sixties and onwards. It is benign, as the name suggests, but can nevertheless create very uncomfortable symptoms, such as having to use the toilet many times every night.

Help your husband sleep better - Frequent toilet trips at night affect spouses' sleep too

Many middle aged men need to make frequent toilet trips during the night. There are even cases of men waking up to relieve themselves five times or more often every night. It goes without saying that constant traffic in and out of the bedroom at night is detrimental to sleep patterns of both partners.

SagaProStop sleep deprivation - Get a good night's sleep

SagaPro is an Icelandic herbal remedy used for overcoming nocturia. Men with prostate hyperplasia have benefited greatly from the product and it has helped them stop their nocturnal sleep deprivation. If your husband wakes up to use the toilet at night, you could have him try SagaPro. It normally takes from just a few days and up to a month to see if SagaPro works for the individual.

Consult your doctor before using natural herbal supplements for nocturia-related insomnia. Herbal remedies may help your husband in overcoming insomnia and sleeping better through the night, but alternative medicine does not replace medical treatment nor the advice of a doctor.