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USD 32.99
30 tablets / 30 days
SagaProReduces urinary frequency

Do you wake up at night to use the bathroom? SagaPro can help you dramatically. Only 1-2 tablets per day are normally needed. Our packaging fits 3 SagaPro packets, and is shipped comfortably worldwide. SagaPro is our most popular product, with years of success and a very loyal customer base. Try it out for yourself.

USD 31.99
30 tablets / 1 month
SagaMemo tabletsFor a healthier memory

SagaMemo is a dietary supplement for those who wish to keep a healthy memory. It is produced from the seeds of the Icelandic Angelica archangelica, as well as the Icelandic Geranium sylvaticum.

USD 29.99
30 tablets / 30 days
SagaVitaProtects from colds

SagaVita is SagaMedica's first product. It's gained a really great following since 2001. People who regularly take SagaVita tell us they don't catch colds anymore.

USD 8.99
80 g
Voxis lozengesFor coughs and a sore throat

Stack up on Voxis before you catch a cold. Voxis lozenges are a bestseller in Iceland. They provide a soothing sensation and contain tasty angelica, as well as menthol and eucalyptus.

USD 119.99
4 bottles in a box
SagaMemo tincture4-pack

The SagaMemo tincture is an excellent product for those who wish to take care of their memory. SagaMemo contains two herbs that work together in slowing the breakdown of a neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, important for healthy memory.

USD 11.99
50g / 1.8oz
Icelandic Viking TeaSpecial Icelandic tea

This is a great herbal infusion with angelica, birch and Iceland moss. Enjoy a cup of what Icelanders have drunk for ages.