Reduces urinary frequency

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SagaPro is a clinically studied herbal supplement, proven to reduce urinary frequency in people with low or diminished bladder capacity.

Useful for those with:

  • overactive bladder (OAB)
  • prostate enlargement (BPH)
  • nocturia (bathroom trips at night)
  • neurogenic bladder (bladder paralysis)
  • enuresis (bed-wetting)

Clinically studied

SagaPro is clinically studied and was proven to reduce urinary frequency in certain groups, such as those who have low bladder capacity.

A peer-reviewed article was published in 2012 in The Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology.  Click here to read the study.

Note that the study was performed on the product itself, not only the herbal contents. Our production process ensures that the herbal material retains its potency.


SagaPro is a safe product, as shown in the study. It is made from Angelica archangelica leaves, which are "recognized as safe" by the FDA. SagaPro is even safer than the Angelica herb itself, as not all biochemical constituents are contained in the finished product.

Taking the tablets

Take 1-2 per day. Start with 2 for the first 4 days and then see whether 1 tablet is enough. Each pack contains 40 tablets.

If purchasing SagaPro for the first time we recommend starting with 2-3 packs for a proper trial.

If the problem occurs at night: Take the tablets in the evening.

If the problem occurs during the daytime: Take the tablets in the morning or later during the day.

You can take SagaPro with or without meals.

SagaPro testimonials

“Thanks to SagaPro I no longer have to look constantly for the next bathroom. My quality of life has clearly increased and I’m not as preoccupied with this chronic problem as before.”   Helga Arnardottir, homemaker, Iceland. Problem: Bladder paralysis due to multiple sclerosis (MS)

“I have used SagaPro for years to cope with my prostatitis. When I get symptoms I take a good course of SagaPro for a few weeks and the pressure sensation goes away.”   Kristjan Oskarsson, project manager, Iceland. Problem: Inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis)

When I was first diagnosed with OAB I was devastated. I was given medication but it didn't really
help. I became a virtual recluse for over a year only leaving my house if it was absolutely necessary. I had to turn down job opportunities and would only take jobs if they were near where I lived. I also didn't travel long distances just in case.

After a nightmare year with my bladder and not much help from urologists, I searched the Internet for help and advice. I discovered a company called SagaMedica which advertised a product called SagaPro which may help my condition. I liked the fact that it was natural and used the Angelica herb from Iceland so I decided to give it a try. Within 2 weeks I saw a MASSIVE difference! I started to venture out of my home slowly at first to see how I got on and I noticed that I no longer felt this strong urgency that I previously felt. I decided to take this test further by taking a job teaching ballet classes miles away from my home and was shocked that not only did I survive the journey but taught all classes without any urgency.

Since then I have not had hardly any trouble with my bladder. Even my doctors are amazed! I
would never go a day without SagaPro now. It truly is fantastic and I would recommend to anybody struggling with bladder issues. I now have my own dance school and can teach for hours without any trouble from my bladder. SagaPro is truly my saviour and I am so grateful to SagaMedica for helping me get back to doing what I love. I would genuinely recommend for people to try it. It has helped me tremendously.

Thema Davis
Dance teacher and a former professional dancer and model, UK


I'm writing as a regular buyer of SagaPro for my husband who greatly benefits from the use of this wonderful product.

SagaPro has provided my husband sleep-easy nights without the hassle of frequent toilet trips which cause stress and lack of sleep affecting his performance for the working day.

There are no side effects and no problems taking SagaPro. Now, since we started taking the tablets, we could not ever go without them and couldn't think of how we coped before.

We found SagaMedica very professional and very quick in sending out our orders without any fuss or delays. We cannot stress enough how easy an experience it is to purchase from them.

I want to say; "Thank you very much to everyone at SagaMedica" and keep up the good work.

Rowena B
United Kingdom

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From the clinical study on SagaPro

Consult your physician if you suffer from nocturia, or frequent urination in general. SagaPro may alleviate symptoms but there are many possible underlying causes to the problem.