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For coughs and a sore throat
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EUR 7,99
EUR 7,99
Berglind Hanna Ólafsdóttir, 57 years

I started to take SagaMemo because it´s made of natural herbs. My memory has improved significantly and

I have much more energy. 

Sævar Hjaltason, 51 years

I started to take SagaVita 10 years ago and I haven't missed a day of work


Jóhann Gunnarsson, long-distance runner
SagaPro makes my running more pleasant

I´m a long distance runner and run on average 60 kilometers per week. For me it´s very important to drink large amounts of fluids. I take two SagaPro tablets every day. SagaPro makes the whole training process more easy and gives more pleasure while running. SagaPro enables me to drink suitable amounts of fluids while I´m running and reduce the urge of frequent urination.

Helga Arnardótir, 45 years old
Counting on SagaPro during the day

I had that classical problem so many of us with an overactive bladder or bladder paralysis have, that you're always looking for the next restroom. In my case, just going to the next town was causing me anxiety, even though it wasn't a long drive. I started to take SagaPro in 2010 and soon I felt the difference. My quality of life has definitely increased since the restroom trips aren't as common and my mind isn't as busy with this chronic problem.

Hjálmar Sveinsson, 67 years old
Now I awake rested

Before I started taking SagaPro, frequent urination was a problem for me. This posed significant difficulties for me, both during the day in outdoor activities as well as during the night. SagaPro has helped me a great deal and I now wake fully rested in the morning.

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Angelica archangelica
medicinal herb

Angelica archangelica is truly the most important medicinal herb we use to make our products. Angelica is one of Iceland's most cherished medicinal herbs. It was one of the few plants in Iceland that survived the last ice age and has been used as a herbal medicine from the country's settlement, more than 1100 years ago.

The monk who had a dream
Angelica hasn't only been used in Iceland; it was known for its good effects on health in medieval Europe and elsewhere. The story goes that a monk once dreamt of an archangel who pointed to the herb as a cure for the plague. This is why the plant is often called the "Angel's herb. And it’s also how it got its Latin name; Angelica archangelica.

Came in handy for ancient Icelanders

Angelica is written about in many ancient texts and there are countless places in Iceland that are named after the plant, like Iceland’s highest peak, Hvannadalshnjúkur (“Angelica valley peak”).

WhyFirst of all, the angelica plant is nutrititious. Its root and stem are juicy and can boiled or pickled and people most likely appreciated this.  Angelica seeds could be dried and eaten as well, or used for infusions for medicinal purposes (or even tinctures if people knew how to make them).

Research indicates that compounds in the Icelandic angelica herb can:

  • Reduce frequency if urination
  • Prevent viral infection
  • Promote healthy memory
  • Counter stress
  • Alleviate anxiety


Many years of studies and researches

Sigmundur Guðbjarnason, Co- founder of SagaMedica and former president of the University of Iceland was one of the first scientists to study the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in 1970s and their role in cardiac health. He worked as a “Distinguished Visiting Scientist” at the FDA in 1983 and began his studies on Icelandic medicinal herbs in 1992. SagaMedica‘s research team has published 6 peer-reviewed studies

Angelica Archangelica has been scientifically studied for over 20 years by SagaMedica and collaborators from the University of Iceland. Our research team has uncovered a wide array of bioactive compounds in different plant parts. These compounds are thought to be of help in reducing or preventing a diverse range of health problems, such as bladder problems.