SagaVita tincture

Angelica jurtaveig
119.99 USD
4 bottles in a box


Product details

Protects from colds

SagaVita is produced from seeds of angelica; the same herb that the Vikings used to maintain good health during harsh winters.
SagaVita contains an antiviral extract from angelica, which help fight seasonal illnesses.
  • Helps prevent viral infections
  • Gives a strengthening and calming effect
  • SagaMedica's first product; cherished for a decade
Good for increased vitality and initiative
SagaVita contains phellopterin, which has a similar effect as benzodiazepam, a common anxiety drug.  These two compounds in SagaVita compete for the same cerebral receptors, and thereby provide similar calming effects.
SagaVita can also be generally uplifting, as it increases the energy release from sugars and fat in the body. Angelica seeds have been used for centuries in Iceland and one of their many uses was for regaining strength after illness.
1 teaspoon (3ml) per day. May be mixed in with water, juice or tea. Good with apple juice.

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