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SagaPro is a clinically studied supplement that reduces urinary frequency.
SagaPro helps people with an overactive bladder, and other groups such as men with prostate enlargement and people suffering from enuresis (bed-wetting).
SagaPro is made from Icelandic angelica leaf, gathered in pure Icelandic nature in an eco-friendly way.
SagaPro was first introduced in Canada at the end of 2010 but has been on the European market since 2005 and was launched in the US in March 2013
In November 2013 SagaPro recieved an award as "Best New Supplement" by Better Nutrition Magazine.
Our distributor in Canada is Ecotrend Ltd.
In November 2013 SagaPro was issued a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada.
A NPN means that the product has been authorized for sale in Canada and is safe and effective when used according to the instructions on the label.
SagaPro - for urinary frequency
SagaPro is a proprietary extract of Angelica archangelica, growing wild in the pure air and soil of Iceland.
SagaPro contains angelica leaf extract, which may help to alleviate symptoms of frequent nighttime urination (nocturia), a common condition that can have many causes, including:
  • prostate enlargement (BPH) in mature men
  • overactive bladder
Recommended use or purpose: In men, could help reduce urinary frequency at  night in those with decreased bladder capacity.
Recommended dose (adult men): Take 2 tablets daily before bedtime.
LICENCE HOLDER: SagaMedica ehf., Krókháls 5d, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland
IMPORTED BY: Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd., 125 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver BC, V5Y 1E6, Canada.
Tel: 1-800-665-7065
is one fo the few plants in Iceland that survived the last ice age has been used in Iceland for 1100 years was used as currency by the Vikings is named after an archangel and therefore often called "The Angel's Herb" was so valuable in medieval times that Iceland's first lawbook specifically banned angelica theft is a relative of the ginseng plant, It is sometimes called "The Ginseng of the North"
Hrísey Island
Our angelica leaf comes from many places in pure and wonderful Icelandic nature. Among these is Hrísey island, with a population of only 180. Hrísey is a remote island in North Iceland. During summer, the word "night" loses its meaning to the islanders, as Hrísey enjoys perpetual sunlight around the clock. Angelica this far north needs to grow as fast as possible during the short but beautiful summer. It's bathed in sunlight, day and night, and grows quickly to an impressive height of up to 6 feet. By late summer it's ripe and ready for use by the locals, who eat the seeds for breakfast and drink warm angelica tea during the dark winter which inevitably follows.


SagaMedica is an Icelandic natural products manufacturer, specializing in supplements made from the Icelandic angelica herb. The company was founded in 2000, after years of pioneering research on medicinal herbs found in Iceland's pure nature. Collaborating with various science institutes within the University of Iceland, our researchers have shown that many Icelandic herbs contain bioactive compounds that are relevant for health. The extensive research background we have within the field of biochemistry has helped us develop products with a sound scientific basis. We only market products which have real value for the consumer.


SagaPro - Pour la fréquence urinaire
SagaPro est un extrait végétal exclusif tiré de l'angélique vraie (Angelica archangelica), une plante qui croît à l'état sauvage dans le sol et à l'air pur d'Islande.
SagaPro contient de l'extrait de feuilles d'angélique vraie pouvant réduire les symptômes de mictions nocturnes fréquentes (nocturia), un état fréquent dont les causes possibles sont multiples :
  • hyperplasie bénigne prostatique (BHP) chez l'homme âgé
  • vessie suractive
  • Usage ou fins recommandés : Peut aider á réduire la fréquence de miction nocturne chez les hommes souffrant de capacités vésicales affaiblies.
  • Posologie (hommes adultes) : Prendre deux comprimés tous par jour avant le coucher.
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