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New packaging for SagaPro

SagaMedica is excited to unveil the new packaging for SagaPro. The new style of packaging is associated with new design for SagaMedica‘s whole product line.

A hymn to Voxis by M. Boyar

We are always happy to hear from satisfied customers. Minnie Boyar and her husband from Norway are Voxis fans. Minnie wrote a very nice poem about Voxis - that we want to share with you :) A hymn to Voxis by M. Boyar I`ll tell you a little story of what I had to do You may think this is fiction but...

A great review about SagaMedica on the Icelandic Times website.

Ingibjörg Ásta is a new Director of Sales and Marketing

Ingibjörg Ásta Halldórsdóttir has been appointed Director of Sales & Marketing at SagaMedica. Ingibjörg has many years of marketing and sales professional experience. She previously worked as Director of Sales & Marketing at Into the Glacier, Penninn/Eymundsson and the Savings Bank...

SagaMedica hires a new Managing Director

Lilja Dögg Stefánsdóttir, previously the Sales- and marketing manager for Pfizer in Iceland, has been appointed CEO of SagaMedica as of 1st November 2015. Lilja replaces Perla Björk Egilsdóttir who has been with SagaMedica since 2008, first as director of marketing, assuming the role of CEO in 2013...

SagaPro coverage in Sweden

"In Iceland, a unique wild plant grows, with the Latin name Angelica Archangelica. In Sweden, it is known as Icelandic angelica. It grows wild all over the island and is also cultivated for medicinal purposes. The cultivation, which is organic, is carried out by people whose knowledge of the plant’...

SagaMedica launches new website

We are extremely proud to bring you our new website and online store. If you have any comments regarding the new site, please let us know via and we will act on it as soon as possible. Kind regards!

Orders during Easter Holiday

SagaMedica will be celebrating Easter Holiday from Thursday 2. April until Wednesday 8. April. Please allow extra time for deliveris when ordered during this time. Happy Easter! SagaMedica

SagaPro - new packaging

SagaPro is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this January. During the last 10 years, SagaPro has increased the value of life for many people. SagaPro has been in the same package that includes 40 tablets since it first came on the market. In order to meet the markets demand and be of better...