A hymn to Voxis by M. Boyar

A hymn to Voxis by M. Boyar


We are always happy to hear from satisfied customers. Minnie Boyar and her husband from Norway are Voxis fans.

Minnie wrote a very nice poem about Voxis - that we want to share with you :)


A hymn to Voxis by M. Boyar

I`ll tell you a little story

of what I had to do

You may think this is fiction

but all of it is true


In fact I think you`ll understand

and find it rather witty

When you learn how I traveled

from village, town to city


I roamed every ally, nook

and every street

I was searching for a very

special kind of treat


You see, I have a problem

that comes with every season

Sore throat, puffy eyes

and sinusitis is my reason


I bought every package

of tablets I could find

180 I brought home

and not a single left behind


Like a rabbit in the forest

I need to know where the fox is

I`ve told you `bout my problem

my solution, well, that`s Voxis


Now I say, come sinusitis

flue and dripping nose

Just give me some hot water

honey and one of those


First, we must sniff it

so it opens up our sinus

Then we drink the good willed tea

and the problem is behind us